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Most of you HATE BOSKO but... FUCK YOU!

This is the home of BOSKO, "America's Least Favorite Cartoon Character." Perhaps when you read more about Bosko, visit his comic strips on this Website, and learn more about him, he will become YOUR least favorite cartoon character! We've got some Bosko comic strips, and pics from Bosko's special guest appearances in magazines and comix from over the years. If you like this? Buy a copy of the Bosko comic book at Punk Magazine and maybe we'll post some new stuff online soon! 


Here's the deal: Bosko has a dog! His name is "Bosko's Dog" (a.k.a. "Bosken," or "Boss-dog," in Japanese).
Anyhow, Bosko's Dog is becoming very  well-known in Japan!
So stay tuned!!!   

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