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John Holmstrom, Bosko's creator, has made a lot of mistakes in his career but his biggest error seems to have been creating Bosko. His second biggest mistake was in continuing to create Bosko comic strips and stories. Here's some of the proof. 


Above: The Peter Bagge "Hate condom" (aka a Peter Bagge scumbag).

Just a few of the "glowing" reviews John Holmstrom (and his work) have received from friends, family, foes and celebs over the years:

“The staff of Punk magazine had this reputation for being totally out of control, like being “punks” in the old-fashioned sense of the word… I met Holmstrom… They weren’t the best businessmen, and they antagonized a lot of people. You see, that whole fear I had, that fear of them being out-of-control maniacs was absolutely correct. They and everybody else associated with Punk magazine were fucking lunatics. They just liked to stay out all night and get really drunk and get into fights."
--Peter Bagge, The Comics Journal, May 1993 
“Find a job that will pay you and let the cartooning be a sideline.”
-Frances Holmstrom (John’s mother)
“Nobody I know has any use for PUNK, which was always a fairly rudderless craft anyway.”
-Lester Bangs, Village Voice, 1979
“A rock casualty...”
J. R. Taylor, NY Press, 10/20/2004
“If I were wearing a tuxedo I'd want to wear it with satin Converse sneakers. I'd want my tuxedo to be shrunken and ill-fitting, so I'd look like one of the John Holmstrom cartoons from Punk magazine. It's the idea of imperfection, of being awkward.”
-Marc Jacobs (fashion designer)


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